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Client Reviews

We know it‘s hard to choose a program or coach that’s worthy of trust. That‘s why we publicly post our reviews here for you – so you can decide for yourself. We think hearing your peers’ take on our programs is the best way to arm you with a decision you can be comfortable with.

What Others Are Saying About Tim...

"The principles taught and the automations we are incorporating are game changing..."

"I feel like we now have the templates to thrive and take on whatever comes next..."

"We are up 75% from last month. Best part is I'm almost completely removed from the operations and my team is handling everything."

"Tim's program has changed every aspect of my business and personal life..."

Property Development & Management

Home Exteriors

Marketing Consultancy

Commercial Roofing

Property Management


E-Learning Platform

Commercial Painting


"Yours is really the blueprint to bring it all together. For me there is no way I could have the know how to create the biz tools you have provided. BTW, this last week we finally achieved our first million dollar year after 7 years in business. Our little crew is excited and pumped for the future!" - Matt Meineke. M Cellars Winery

Online Retailer

"Tim's program has changed every aspect of my life and has been the single best investment that I have made. Since completing the program I have sold one of my businesses, moved our family to a dream location, and went from working 100 hours per week putting out fires to working part time and spending more time with my wife and children" - Greg Moulton.  Next Step Flooring


"I can simply say that the processes Tim has and the mindset he will get you will be worth it! I have as of mid January delegated all my daily "in the business" activities. My next goal is to take the entire month of June off. It is possible to control your days. Tim's training will get you there much quicker and keep your mindset focused" - Shane Copeland. 12th Street Auto Care Center


"Tim's training is a180º from how we've been running our business for years. I truly believe, that this is material that would have tripled our business growth, had we known better. Not being formally taught in business, I'm afraid I've spent years, boot strapping systems and processes the hard way, never truly generating useful information, and its been painful.  - Chris Jaquez.  ICE Industrial Cooling


"I have been working with Tim and the perfect week coaching system for the last 6 months. I have a small to medium size home exterior business. The principles taught and the automation we are incorporating are game changing. It is freeing up my time and really taking our team and systems ahead of our competitors. The initial investment is a small amount to pay for the infinite return. I am glad I responded to the facebook offer as it has changed the way I will view business forever!" - Spencer Townsend. Ace Gutter Inc.

Real Estate

"Tim's program has changed every aspect of my business and personal life. My business is running without me in so many ways. My family is so important to me and when I started I said all I wanted to do was pick up my kids from school. This year they started school in August and I haven't missed a day. His program makes what's important to you actually be reflected in your day to day activities" - Stefanie Marshall. The Kite Group Real Estate and Property Development.


"10 months ago I was staring down the barrel of a huge project and had NO dependable help.  I just figured I’d do what I always did, find mediocre hands and “ cat heard” the job through👎 I turned to Tim Yewchuk and the Perfect Week Program materials and got serious, I was ready for some discomfort, anything was better than my current option. That project is now done, not 1 guy called in sick, and I’m sitting on a beach!
Like Tim Yewchuk says in the “ Welcome Video, of The Perfect Week, “ you’ve only got one life to live" - Lukas McKeever. McKeever Finish Carpentry, Inc.

Digital Agency

"This guy absolutely blew my mind when I first met him. I've learned more in the last month from working with Tim than I have in the last 3 years combined. This guy is phenomenal in every single thing that he does. What he teaches, every single entrepreneur needs to learn this stuff if you ever want to get back your time, get back your life and achieve your dream lifestyle, this guy can make it happen for you.   - Franco Urbaez. Dream Big Media Agency.
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